Pedigree Highland Registration 

 Please complete this form to register a new animal with NZLHS.


If you would prefer to complete your application by hardcopy you can download the form here .

Payment Method

Please remit $35 by direct credit to the Society's bank account.

DNA Information

Breeders can elect to have certificates endorsed as being "TruParent Verified". If you wish to do so, select "Yes" and advise how you will be submitting the DNA Certificate for verification by the Registrar.

DNA Tru Parent Verification options are:

  1. DNA Sire and Dam Verified: a certificate confirming both Sire and Dam.
  2. DNA Dam or Sire Verified: a certificate of either Dam or Sire.
  3. DNA Profiled: DNA certificate supplied with the application.
  4. No DNA: no available DNA profile of the requested animal.

The DNA certificate of verification has to come from a recognised testing facility and be sighted by the Registrar.